Accredited Health Services Offers Public Service Presentation

On Making a Smooth Transition from Natural Independence to Assisted Independence

At the New Providence, NJ Senior Center

Hackensack, NJ, August 18, 2011 – Accredited Health Services conducted a special public service presentation at the New Providence, NJ Senior Center on August 10th called Homecare: The Transition from Natural Independence to Assisted Independence. More than 75 area residents attended the event to get information and insight about the practical, physical and emotional issues that need to be considered when thinking about homecare for themselves or aging loved ones.

Homecare:  The Transition from Natural Independence to Assisted Independence, and the workbook that goes with it, offered insight and information on all elements of the homecare issue including the mechanics of determining if homecare is a good solution for your family.  The presentation walked people through the evaluation and decision-making process, identified issues that are likely to come up and offered real-world advice about how to work through it so all involved benefit.  The families were given ideas for formulating a gameplan that will work for their unique set of circumstances so the loved one in need of more care has their needs attended to without delays, setbacks, or missteps that can put them at risk, and all are given a sense of relief and comfort in having expert advice in handling an emotionally-charged, difficult transition in life.

New Providence Senior Center Q&A

After the presentation, the audience asked several questions about homecare.  These questions, and the answers given by the presenter, Melissa Eschert, president of Accredited Health Services, included:

What kind of training do caregivers receive?

  • All of Accredited Health Services’ caregivers are certified
  • They receive training to work with patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, traumatic brain injury (includes stroke), diabetes and hospice care
  • A select group of AHS’ caregivers (roughly 200) receive advanced training that incorporates dealing with cultural customs, appropriate decorum in a variety of social settings, etiquette, and problem solving.

Does Medicare cover homecare?

  • Medicare covers homecare when the triggering event necessitating homecare is caused by a stay in the hospital.  Coverage depends on what the triggering event was, and the approximate time needed to get the patient back on their feet.  For example, if the triggering event were a broken hip, Medicare would cover the cost of an aide during the initial 60-day period of at-home convalescence while the patient is healing.  Once the hip is healed, the coverage would end.

Does AHS accept long-term care insurance?

  • Yes. Every long-term care policy is different.  It is important to review your policy to know what coverage you have.  Many policies have a 100-day waiting period before long-term care insurance coverage kicks in.

Can patients have the same caregiver everyday?

  • AHS has more than 800 home aides.  After meeting with a prospective client, we assess their needs, personality and preferences and match it with a potential caregiver to get the right fit.  Usually, we’re successful at creating good patient/caregiver pairings, but if a client wants to try another caregiver, we make that happen until the client is happy.

Is there a price difference between an aide who drives and one who doesn’t?

  • No, not necessarily.  AHS creates a plan of care after understanding the needs of the prospective client.  The cost is determined once the needs are assessed and the hours needed are determined.


About Accredited Health Services

Accredited Health Services is one of the leading licensed homecare organizations in the state of New Jersey.  What makes Accredited different from other homecare companies is the awareness that there are many issues that need to be addressed when a loved one is making the transition from natural independence to assisted independence.  Families not only require practical and physical help in this time of transition, they also need assistance in managing the complex web of emotions that come up in times like these.  With every client, Accredited applies 30 years of experience helping more than 200,000 people and their families find solutions that facilitate best possible outcomes and quality of life for all involved.  Robust training, a dedicated staff devoted to offering continuity of care, and a wide range of services available to manage changing health care needs lays a solid foundation that offers homecare help, hope, comfort and consistency.  For more information, visit or call 877.200-0606 and ask for Melissa Eschert, President of Accredited Health Services.