Many people delay seeking Hospice Care because they do not want to face the painful realization that their loved one is terminally ill. It is a service that provides patients, and their families, with support and treatment for both their physical and emotional ailments.

Accredited Health Services has provided Hospice Care to thousands of families throughout the last several decades. Through these experiences, we have learned the most effective methods of supporting your family through these very delicate and sensitive moments in life.

Our Hospice Care services include, but are not limited to:

  • Physical and Emotional Support for the patient
  • Comforting family members
  • Meticulously following medical care plans
  • Filling special emotional and social requests made by the family
  • And more

All of our Hospice Care aides complete thorough medical and sensitivity training in order to provide your family and your loved one with the best end of life care possible.