Hackensack, NJ, March 19, 2012 — Hundreds of news stories about Alzheimer’s Disease appear in the media every day.  They range from coverage of the latest research to anecdotal information to make living with the disease easier for all involved.  Accredited Health Services (AHS) sifts through this news and highlights the most compelling information on its webpage (accreditedhs.com) under a special section devoted to Alzheimer’s.  The special section was created in response to the need expressed by AHS clients and their families to be aware of the latest information on the disease.  AHS is one of the largest homecare providers in the state of New Jersey, and is dedicated to not only providing unsurpassed homecare services, but also to be a source of insight and information on all topics associated with dealing with the changing needs of seniors as they age. 

“There are so many exciting developments in Alzheimer’s research and we know our clients are hungry for information that provides hope and offers help for people suffering with the disease,” explained Ken Paster, VP/Chief Marketing Officer of National Home Health Care, the parent of AHS.  “We created ‘The Alzheimer’s News’ page to serve as a frequently updated source of news and information for people impacted by this disease.”

Recent posts to the AHS Alzheimer’s page includes:

  • A story about Targretin, a drug indicated for liver and skin cancer, that has been shown to reverse Alzheimer’s in mice
  • A story about surprising research findings that suggests Alzheimer’s may progress much like a virus spreads from cell to cell. 
  • A report about deep brain stimulation with implanted electrodes that shows promise for not only stopping the advance of the disease, but has actually reversed it in one test patient.

Paster said he hopes the Alzheimer’s News page on the AHS website also becomes an online community where individuals, and their families, can compare experiences, share coping techniques, and connect with others who truly understand what it means to live with Alzheimer’s.  “The emotional toll Alzheimer’s takes on those afflicted with the disease, and their families, is enormous.  We hope to offer a source of comfort and support, as well as information and insight for people dealing with Alzheimer’s,” explained Paster.

Please check out the Alzheimer’s News page and make it a regular online destination as news is updated frequently.  Comments are welcome.  Please also feel free to request more information, or a consultation with AHS staff who specialize in addressing the needs of Alzheimer’s patients and their families.